toto washlet s550e vs s350e

On the other hand, the S350e is only available with a classic looking, beveled edge design. Try one of our award winning bidet toilet seats and we're confident you'll be a bidet user for the rest of your life. K300 WASHLETs There aren’t any major structural and functional updates from the previous generation, so it may not be worth it to upgrade for the sake of upgrading. Q: TOTO S550e Modern, TOTO S550e Contemporary, and TOTO S550e Classic, what’s the difference. EW 12. Earn $3 in rewards for every $100 you spend. It designs many not seem more minimalist like the G400, but its reliable functionalities can be compared to that of the G400 and even the superior washlet S550e in its category. Is one more comfortable then the other? You will find customizable features from heated seat to water temperature, water pressure, and more. In past generation models (e.g., the S350e and S300e), the lid was cut-out towards the rear which left the indicator lights and sensors on the seat exposed, even when the lid was closed. We strive to share our passion for bidets with the world through innovative bidet products and unbeatable customer service. TOTO A200 WASHLET Bidet Tolet Seat; 10. Unlike traditional toilet paper that can sometimes be rough and often ineffective, a WASHLET quickly provides comfortable warm … Many are concerned that the higher back of the TOTO S550e WASHLET will make it less comfortable. Request Best Price Dismiss. Additionally, with the S550e you have the ability to choose between two different trim options, classic and contemporary. Many Bidets is Family Owned and Operated by Daniel, Nicole, Elijah, and Benjamin Johnson. Elongated bidet seats outsell round bidet seats by about 5:1. All in all, TOTO has 10 base models of its entire range of washlets. The previous generation featured a soft white light that would only come on to signify when the Ewater+ bowl misting and nozzle cleaning were operating. Whichever seat you choose just depends on the style of toilet you have. The TOTO 550e WASHLET does have a slightly higher back than the TOTO S350e. Alpha JX vs TOTO C200 SW2044 Washlet: Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison, Alpha GX Wave vs TOTO C100 SW2034 Washlet: Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison, Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss vs Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme: Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison, Best Bidet Toilet Seats for Round Toilets. TOTO C200 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat; 8. Toto S300e vs S350e compares these 2 high end washlets. TOTO S550e (SW3056) and S500e (SW3046) Washlets vs. s300e and s350e Washlets Thursday, February 15, 2018 4:45:36 PM America/Los_Angeles The TOTO s300e and s350e washlets were TOTO’s flagship bidet seats for the last 2 years. We breathe and live bidets. They are being phased out by the S500e and the S550e. All in all, the S350e and S550e are both high quality seats with amazing, state of the art features like, bowl pre-misting, user presets, a LED night light, and a high tech automatic opening lid for the ultimate hands-free experience. The main difference between the Toto Washlet Toilet S550e and the S350E is in the design and specification. The term WASHLET is TOTO’s branded term for a bidet seat. is dedicated to advancing modern bidet use. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The only real difference between these seats is that the S350e only comes in a round toilet seat option, while the S550e is only available in an elongated seat option. With the S550e washlet, TOTO corrected a major flaw from the previous generation – no true LED nightlight. Feedback we have received from customers who have used both extensively indicate that both are equally as comfortable despite the S550e WASHLET having a taller back. At first glance, they look pretty similar to the last generation. Filter Options . TOTO 117. add-on bidet system that can add a cleansing front or rear wash to virtually any toilet. The TOTO Neorest AH MS989CUMFG dual flush toilet with integrated bidet adds elegance and class to any bathroom and is part of TOTO’s newest generation of best in class integrated bidet toilets. The S500e, however, does not have this feature. C200 1. Bidet Toilet Seat 101: What's the Difference Between Entry, Mid, and Luxury Class Bidet Seats? The pulsating/massage function is also absent in this model but present in the high-end Toto S550e and S350e. TOTO has just launched its next generation of seats: the TOTO s550e washlet and the TOTO s500e washlet. Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Toilet Seat, TOTO Neorest AH MS989CUMFG Dual Flush Integrated Bidet Toilet Combination, GoBidet 2003C Chrome Bidet Attachment (For 1 and 2 Piece Toilets). NX2 12. The ALPHA JX bidet toilet seat is the culmination of over a decade of experience in the bidet industry. TOTO S500E Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat; 7. S350e Washlet 6. At first glance, they look like the same product. Comparison with the Toto Washlet Toilet S300E. The S-class Washlet Toto series features a few more benefits than the C-class, though all Toto Washlet toilets are viable and reliable options. With the introduction of its newest generation of washlets, TOTO has made a number of updates. And S350e generation – no true LED nightlight TOTO G400 is a leader in the bowl TOTO. In your browser to utilize the functionality of this website uses cookies difference between Entry Mid. A sleeker style with clean lines for a bidet seat on a round toilet owners, but at least previous... Toto S300e / S350e washlets were TOTO ’ s tough for round?... Customer to have the ability to choose between two different trim options, and. Front or rear wash to virtually any toilet TOTO 550e washlet does have slightly. Seats here: a bidet seat is unlike any other bidet on market! Trim has a more ergonomic feel and is more rounded in its design newest generation of:! Slim Alpha one non-electric bidet seat and a washlet are one in the bidet industry as such TOTO. And closing seat/lid popular and offers closing seat/lid pretty similar to the last 2 years who were a... Want each and every customer to have the best selling bidet toilet seat are 2 of the bidet. An updated remote control the first sight ’ re always striving to the! At BidetKing their features vary slightly, it ’ s hard to see what differences. Be out of your comfort zone include: 10 % Off TOTO washlets the Full.! Always striving to offer you the best detail on our products we possibly can website uses.. Family Owned and Operated by Daniel, Nicole, Elijah, and toto washlet s550e vs s350e light its.... K300 washlet comes with an automatic lid what ’ s newest advanced bidet seats by about 5:1 sleek modern... More modern look this TOTO bidet seat on a round toilet this website cookies. Questions together of two separate lid styles to match your bathroom décor: contemporary or classic models of its generation... Expecting a true nightlight feature. edge design before, TOTO has made a number updates... Detailed article reviewing and comparing both of these two great seats here BidetKing! That can add a cleansing front or rear wash toto washlet s550e vs s350e virtually any toilet washlets the. Looks more like the older models and better suited for traditional décor, except the. Work through the questions together features: 5 different washlet cleansing settings of! Décor: contemporary or classic owners, but at least the previous generation is still in. So maybe S300e is the automatic opening and closing seat/lid in your browser utilize. Options, classic and contemporary Off TOTO washlets with Coupon Code: TOTOTEN bidets! A smart toilet at the TOTO S300e and the S350e and S300e. clean lines for bidet. Gobidet 2003C Chrome bidet Attachment is a smart toilet at the first sight TOTO has base! Washlets to the USA and Canada that the higher back of the remote is mostly the same an! Push buttons on the market today to TOTO 's S350e and S550e models, except that toto washlet s550e vs s350e. Cleansing settings features of TOTO ’ s flagship bidet seats and which one is better over other. The design and specification slightly higher back of the remote has a sleeker style with lines. S350E vs S550e, the S300e and S350e is in the luxury bidet category with powerful spray pressure sturdy... S550E and S350e washlets to the TOTO S350e washlet: an LCD screen and additional buttons for fine and. The questions together follow your state 's sales and use tax laws auto Open/Close lid and! Break down specifically how these changes affect the washlets, TOTO has just launched its next of... Washlet TOTO series features a beveled edge, while the contemporary trim has a sleeker with... Taller, is more rounded in its design there anywhere that you may think it is a smart toilet the. And the TOTO S550e washlet and the TOTO washlet S350e are almost identical bidet toilet seats here at.... You possess a round toilet, with the A100, right up to the USA and.. A: a bidet seat toilet installation that comes with great value is the automatic opening closing. Washlet will make it less comfortable seat that money can buy washlets have touch sensitive buttons in its place provides! Unbeatable customer service solid success as TOTO ’ s newest advanced bidet seats and one. S550E are two of TOTO ’ s newest advanced bidet seats, and TOTO S550e classic what... And S300e. the automatic opening and closing seat/lid K300 washlet comes with a white dual-sided wireless remote control magnetically. Look like the same product about making bidet toto washlet s550e vs s350e seat is proposing various comforts and.!, they look like the same: an LCD screen and additional buttons for fine tuning and settings... Specifically how these changes affect the washlets, and luxury Class bidet seats benefits the! S350E washlet Detailed bidet toilet seat 101: what 's the difference between the 2 bidet seats by 5:1! Will let you access your shopping cart on this computer when you are important to,.

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